Doctorate of Education – Higher Education (EdD)
University of Liverpool

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Doctorate of Education – Higher Education (EdD)

Acquire the knowledge, skills, confidence and academic credentials to play a leading role in Higher Education around the globe. Our 100% online Doctor of Education - Higher Education (EdD) adopts an integrated holistic approach to learning and focuses on the latest practice, research, and leadership thinking within Higher Education environments. The programme places great emphasis on the development of a deep understanding of universities, operating in a global context, as places of learning and as learning institutions. The focus is on the use of professional knowledge, academic and policy literature, and published and personal research to promote the leader at the heart of institutional development. 

Equivalent in status to a PhD, the EdD is a professional doctorate focusing on Higher Education as a global enterprise. The curriculum of the EdD is constructed from an international perspective – using research, case studies, policy and academic literature from international sources – to complete the international experience. Modules include Leadership, Policy and Institutional Change, Action Research for Educational Leadership and Internationalisation and the Impact of Global Trends. Alongside the core modules, students each write a Doctoral Development Plan (DDP) reflecting on their development as doctoral practitioners and researchers.

The admission requirements include a masters degree from a recognised institution, and a minimum of two years of relevant work experience, including at least some responsibility for coordinating or managing the activity of colleagues. Students must have ongoing scope to interact with other Higher Education professionals, and to conduct investigative exercises in an educational setting in order to complete assessment tasks on the programme.

AccreditationThe University of Liverpool is accredited as an educational institution by Royal Charter. All UK universities are regulated and monitored by a government body, the QAA
On Campus RequirementNone
Delivery FormatEntirely Online
Education LevelDoctorate