Intermediate Italian (ITAL 203) - Self-PacedUniversity of North Carolina

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Intermediate Italian (ITAL 203) - Self-Paced

Italian 203 develops your skills in the four areas of grammar, reading, writing, and pronunciation. You will review some of the grammatical structures you learned in your second-semester Italian course and learn a few new ones. Readings include essays on many aspects of Italian culture, including food, holidays, music, information technology, American influence, and social problems. You will also read a collection of short stories by a famous Italian author. The readings will help you expand your vocabulary and increase your fluency. Meets UNC-Chapel Hill General Education Requirements.

RequirementsPrerequisite:  ITAL 101 and 102 or equivalent
On Campus RequirementPrerequisite:  ITAL 101 and 102 or equivalent
Delivery FormatCorrespondence
Education LevelCourse