Associate of Arts with a concentration in Communications
University of Phoenix

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Associate of Arts with a concentration in Communications

The Associate of Arts in Communications degree program focuses on the growth and convergence of telecommunications technologies, the role of media in a democratic society, and standards of social responsibility within the culture of journalism. The concentration courses will help students develop win-win communication processes and information strategies for problem solving, while also providing an extensive review of information sources and news presentations for print, web, and broadcast delivery. Additionally, students will learn to review and assess pivotal influences on the development of mass media and speculate on their future evolution.

On Campus RequirementClinical and doctoral programs require on-campus residencies. Teacher licensure programs require student teaching.
Delivery FormatOnline interactive
Education LevelAssociate
Cost Per CreditUndergraduate Business $494; Undergraduate Education $300; Undergraduate Nursing $430; Graduate Business $612; Graduate Nursing $485; Graduate Education $485; Doctoral $692. On-campus cost per credit varies per campus.