Online Psychology Classes & Courses
Online Psychology Courses & Classes

Students interested in exploring the engaging field of psychology have the option of taking Online Psychology Courses to further their educational goals. The applications of psychology are diverse; students may use their knowledge to inform any number of professional pursuits, from counseling and social work to business and communications. Some candidates may choose to pursue a career as a clinical or research psychologist, which typically requires a master’s, doctorate, or specialist (such as an Ed.S.) degree. In order to enter a graduate psychology program, students are generally required to have completed some introductory coursework in this subject at the undergraduate level.

Most psychologists work in healthcare settings such as hospitals, mental health facilities, and rehabilitation centers, or in educational services, such as public and private schools, colleges, and universities. They may also be self-employed in a private practice. Research psychologists are typically employed by institutions of higher education, government and nonprofit agencies, or research organizations.

Due to the varied nature of psychology careers, professional duties will differ widely depending on the direction each candidate chooses to take. Psychologists may conduct behavioral studies, diagnose mental disorders, consult and treat patients, develop school and community mental health programs, and perform additional functions. Areas of concentration may include child and developmental psychology, school psychology, counseling, and more. Forensic psychology applies psychological principles to the criminal justice system, while industrial-organizational psychology addresses employee management and workplace issues. Neuropsychologists study brain functions and often treat patients with brain damage. In addition, many psychologists are also researchers and educators, serving the higher education community.

Before pursuing a psychology career track, candidates should examine their options and develop an understanding of basic principles in this field. Online psychology courses are a great way to engage with a rewarding subject and get started on a new professional path.