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College Students Find Online Education More Appealing

In recent years, online education has become increasingly popular among students of all ages across the country. Earning a college degree online can be a convenient and affordable solution for non-traditional adult learners; however, younger students are starting to look towards e-learning as way to earn their degree.

Two companies recently teamed up to poll 1,345 random college students in the United States on their views on the future of education. Millennial Branding, a Generation Y consulting firm, and conducted their study in May 2013 from a random sample of’s registered users. One of the most impressive stats is that almost 53% of those polled believed that “online colleges are a reputable form of education.”[i]

The study also found that 43% of those college students believe an online classroom can match or surpass the quality of a traditional one.[ii] One major factor in this could be the increasing presence of technology used both in and out of the classroom. 84% of students polled claim to use laptops or desktop computers while 19% have tablets and iPhones. Even though half of those polled believe these technologies are not necessary for education, these electronic devices are extremely helpful for studying and note taking.[iii]

Many students feel that in the future, education will become more virtual, especially due to the rise of social media, which could effect how students engage in the classroom.[iv]

Overall, Americans can see how online education is becoming increasingly popular thanks to this study from Millennial Branding and There’s an online university out there for every kind of student, even non-traditional ones who don’t think they fit the typical college student profile. 









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