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Donald Trump Being Sued for University Fraud

Not all universities are created equal, as Donald Trump’s current legal battle over his former Trump University shows.  And it’s an important fact to realize as you choose your future college.

Trump – along with Trump Enterprise Institute (the school’s new name) and former Trump University president Michael Sexton -- is being sued by New York attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman for “engaging in persistent fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct.”[i]

The lawsuit claims that from 2005-11, Trump University was an unlicensed educational institute, which allowed for evading fraud protections for students. New York law requires a charter for an educational institute to be called a university.

Schneiderman said that more than 5,000 students paid a total of about $40 million to enroll in Trump University.

In a statement announcing the lawsuit, the attorney general’s office said that a “university-like” seal on much of its material and the issuing of “diploma-like” certificates of completion, reinforced the misconception that the institute was an actual university. The suit also alleges that Trump did not “hand-pick” instructors as was claimed in promotional material, nor did he have much, if any role, in developing curricula.

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