106 Online Certificates Available in Education

What Are the Benefits of Online Education Certificate Programs?

If you feel the call to teach, then you may already know of the rigorous academic standards that are expected of you. Teachers are expected to earn a certain level of education, obtain various certifications, and maintain their knowledge by continuing their education throughout their career. Depending on the area... of instruction, and student demographic, online education certificate programs can fulfill the needs of teachers-to-be, and veterans of the teaching world.

Some of the available online education certificate programs include areas like curriculum and instruction, distance education, educational administration, and educational technology. Training for various populations of students are adult education, early childhood education, K-12 education, and special education.

Non-degree programs for Education and Teaching can be earned at a number of levels such as certificate, diploma, or graduate certificates in education. Some programs offer a certificate of advanced graduate study that can stand alone, or be applied to a master degree program. Other online programs are at the level of continuing education and can put toward the CEU credits necessary to maintain a teacher's license or certification.

Earn a career diploma under an online Teacher's Aide non-degree training program and you will be ready to walk into a job with all the skills you need. Class instruction includes assisting students with special needs, technology in the classroom, instructional techniques, and communication skills. Or take graduate level courses through the convenience of the Internet for re-certification credits. Either way you will meet your educational goals efficiently along with speeding your professional growth.

Online education certificate programs can be found for wherever level you are at educationally and professionally. Admittance requirements range from a high school diploma, to a bachelor degree, and on to a master degree. There are even programs set up specifically to gain teacher certification or licensure as rapidly as possible. This can be a great option for substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and someone changing careers.

For more advanced non-degree programs in Education and Teaching you may have to already have a minimum of one year teaching experience, a valid license to teach, and a master degree. These type of programs will help you develop expertise in a concentrated area of study that may be in educational administration, or instructional and curriculum development.

Online coursework for educators, be it a post-baccalaureate certificate, or a diploma for Special Education Specialist, will help you positively impact students, and meet you professional development needs.


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