Potential Career Paths With an Online Masters Degree in Accounting

An online masters degree in accounting is a graduate level degree program that an individual would earn prior to taking the CPA exam (Certified Public Accountant exam), which is required for most advanced jobs in accouting. It is also refered to as a Masters of Professional Accountancy (MPA). An online masters degree in accounting can help someone pursue higher management roles, with employers like corporate accounting firms.

Students have an option to pursue an MBA in accounting or a MA in accounting, which could be a Masters of Science (MS) in accounting. The primary difference is that a Master in accountancy is focused on technical accounting skills along side business knowledge and a MBA offers a more rounded focus, covering several aspects of business management skills like finance, marketing and strategic thinking. An online masters degree in accountingcan include taxation, public accounting and general accountancy which one would likely decide for a career path.