5 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Adult Education

All About Earning a PhD in Adult Education Online

Pursuing a Phd in adult education online may allow you to shape policies and programs for adult learners across a variety of settings. Graduates who earn their EdD in adult education or higher education administration may be qualified to work as educators or administrators at universities, colleges, vocational schools, government... training programs, and even professional development programs offered by private businesses. Some EdD graduates may work as educational consultants for companies that develop courseware, textbooks, and other learning materials. Others pursue subspecialties in curriculum development, teacher training, school psychology, and public policy.

Traditionally, doctoral-level studies in adult and higher education include course titles like adult and community education, issues in higher education, continuing education for professionals, and evaluating adult education programs. Depending on your concentration, you may also study topics in fundraising or grant writing, as higher education administrators are often tasked with securing funding for new initiatives. Like most doctorates, doctoral programs in adult education often place great emphasis on research. As you work towards completing your own dissertation and original theories, you may develop clearer perspectives on the adult education environment, its constituents, and their educational needs.

As a student pursuing a PhD in adult education online, you may be able to choose a concentration, such as adult and community education or higher education. Courses in these specialty areas might focus on teaching you how to plan and implement programs for students in distinct environments. You may learn to build managerial skills and analyze higher education finance issues. Some programs also provide hands-on experience via internships. The opportunity to work directly with professionals in the field and participate in adult education seminars can enhance your understanding of education-related strains and social issues.

The goal of most doctoral-level studies in adult and higher education is to prepare you to be a leader in the field. Ideally, you program's curriculum can improve your research techniques and cultivate your ability to apply data and theories to real-world situations. You may also be prepared to evaluate learning strategies and develop more effective educational programs. Dedicated adult education professionals are valued for their ability to enact positive changes. With advanced study and sufficient preparation, you may employed to bring similar value to a local community college, university department, human resources firm, community outreach program, or other nonprofit organization.


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