37 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Interdisciplinary Studies

Pursuing a Liberal Arts Degree

Customarily, it takes four years to complete bachelor-level study leading to a bachelor's degree in liberal arts online. A liberal arts major takes courses in many different subjects. The first two years of bachelor-level study online includes foundation courses, and from there you are encouraged to take courses offered by... all the various departments in the school. By the third year, you will have a much clearer sense of the subjects you are drawn to. The final two years of study can focus on a particular area of interest. When your liberal arts degree is awarded, it may indicate your specialization in a particular area.

Where can you get a liberal arts education? Well, just as certain schools specialize in business, forestry, or the culinary arts, others are known for offering a broadly focused curriculum for bachelor-level study in the liberal arts.

Liberal arts courses offered at the bachelor level of study online include language and linguistics, math, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, science, and theatre, social studies, art, art history, great books, classic literature, romance literature, dance, and theatre.

You might be drawn to the natural sciences: biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, molecular biology, neuroscience, physics, astronomy, and psychology.

Liberal arts students also take social-science classes online in anthropology, economics, history, international relations, linguistics and cognitive science, politics, and sociology.

An interdisciplinary course of study allows you to tailor your liberal arts degree around a theme, problem, or topic, like gender and women's studies, media studies, Africana studies, American studies, Asian American studies, Chicano and Latin studies, environmental analysis, or Latin American studies.

Bachelor-level study in liberal arts teaches you to form and express well-rounded opinions and incorporate diverse perspectives. Put a liberal arts major in a room full of people, and you will be able to talk to everyone about something.

The future is wide open if you graduate with a bachelor-level liberal arts degree that you've earned online. You'll be broadly prepared to succeed in any number of careers. There's always a place for a flexible, creative thinker with a well-rounded education. The ability to "cross pollinate" when solving problems, taking aptitudes from a number of disciplines to get things done in novel ways, and teasing solutions from different perspectives is extremely appealing to employers.

People with liberal arts degrees have gone on to teach, head universities, lead corporations, edit magazines, become journalists and reporters, make films, become musicians, be diplomats. Almost any job is open to the liberal arts major. Upon earning your liberal arts bachelor degree, you'll be well prepared to become an entrepreneur you are used to plotting your own course and getting things done.

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