94 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Business Administration & Management

Earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration

By studying business administration, you're choosing a task-oriented lifestyle of management and dependability. A professional in this field is trained to make organization a top priority and develop relationships with staff members in order to drive the organization toward a higher bottom line. Whether you're interested in furthering the goals... of a company or are interested in pursuing your own entrepreneurial ventures, a bachelor's degree in business management may provide you with the skills to navigate this exciting field.

Responsibilities and Skills in Business Administration/Management
The versatility of a bachelor's degree in business administration or management could lead you in the direction of several different potential career paths. Individuals who are drawn to this field of study are typically interested in becoming part of the leadership forces behind existing companies, where their training in effective communication, information technology, and the art of balancing day-to-day responsibility come into play. Some other responsibilities of a business administrator/manager may include:

  • Forging relationships with new clients in an effort to grow business
  • Monitoring or allocating budgetary spending
  • Managing appointments, travel plans or company events
  • Overseeing corporate goals

Careers in Business Administration/Management
Every company needs leaders to help guide it to its goals. Whenever a new facet of a corporation is created or a brand undergoes an expansive change, someone like a business manager with a bachelor's degree is oftentimes an integral part of this evolutionary process. If you'd rather avoid a direct leadership role, an administrative services manager's responsibilities include assisting with the molding and shaping of a company's success from the sidelines.

Additionally, as office technologies evolve, well established corporations are beginning to recognize that their practices may need updating, presenting even more opportunities for people whom have bachelor's degrees in business administration to take on roles such as project manager and business intelligence analyst.

Salary Potential for Business Administration/Management Jobs
The range of pay for careers in management will vary according to the kind of role you may pursue within a company. The higher the level you achieve at a company, the more you may be paid, depending on your expertise and experiences. Below are some potential careers to consider if you are earning your  business administration bachelors degree:

  • Administrative service managers: Median annual salary of $81,080 (12 percent growth projected through 2022)[i]
  • Sales manager: Median annual salary of $105,260 (8 percent growth projected through 2022)[ii]
  • Management analysts: Median annual salary of $78,600 (19 percent growth projected through 2022)[iii]

Business administration and management can affect many positions throughout an organization and is necessary in nearly every industry. If you find that you thrive in fast-paced, high-energy environments and have keen problem-solving abilities, you may be able to use that strength in a business administration/management environment. 

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