17 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Business Administration & Management

Potential Benefits of an Online DBA

An online DBA, also known as a Doctor of Business Administration, can offer many benefits for individuals, such as saved time, saved cost and continued working experience. It is important to consider a doctorate degree in business administration from an accredited college since these programs tend to be an important... investment.

A DBA is comparable to a PhD in Business Administration, however, an online DBA tends to be more focused on applied research and a PhD in BA is known to be more on the theoretical side of research

Acceptance requirements for DBA programs could be an MBA degree (or a similar masters degree) but can even be someone with professional qualifications in management that are considered equal to what a Master Degree would provide. To successfully complete a DBA, you will need to submit a thesis, or a dissertation or a comprehensive project and this has to be approved by a nominated committee.

Economics, Finance, Technology Management and Management Science are a few areas of specialization for an online DBA which can part-time but can take three to four years of full-time study.


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