51 Online Degree Programs Available in Business Information Systems

Why Pursue an Online MIS Degree

Many factors influence success in the business sector, from the products companies produce to the drive professionals possess. In this day and age, the right information can also impact an organization's potential for growth.

If you want to play a crucial role in helping organizations succeed in the business sector, you... may want to pursue an online degree in areas such as business intelligence, data mining and information systems. With an educational background in these fields, you could be well-positioned to meet the growing demand for professionals who can gather, mine, analyze and present valuable data.

Enhancing your business intelligence

There's a lot to learn before you can use data to your advantage in business settings. As there are several degrees in this field that you could pursue, you should decide which area in particular on which you'd like to focus your studies.

Credentials such as online IT degrees can help prepare you for work involving business technology in the information age. An online MIS degree mixes business education with a focus on IT, and could help prepare you for roles addressing and solving problems related to organizations' information systems.

Meanwhile, online degrees in business intelligence place a focus on data that comes from multiple sources. Over the course of your studies, you'll learn how to take this data and use it to inform smart business decisions. Courses could focus on topics such as data collecting and reporting techniques.

A growing need for data

With so many companies using technology these days, it should come as no surprise to learn that job opportunities for occupations such as market research analyst, who are tasked with collecting, analyzing and presenting data in a way that benefits organizations, are on the risei. Market research analysts are expected to experience an increase in employment opportunities due to the demand for data research in multiple industries.

The Pay

With so much data available to companies, there's a need for professionals who are prepared to make use of everything from customer feedback to information on modern consumers. The BLS provides the median annual wages for roles business intelligence students may want to pursue following the completion of their studies.

  • Market research analysts: $60,300ii (32 percent employment growth expected through 2022)iii
  • Management analysts: $78,600iv (19 percent employment growth expected through 2022)v
  • Financial analysts: $76,950vi (16 percent employment growth expected through 2022)vii

Developing your skill set

Whether you choose to become a market research analyst or pursue another type of career related to data collection and analysis, you'll need strong analytical, communication and decision-making skills, among others. Pursuing an online MIS degree of similar credentials could help you develop these traits, which will be essential in this growing segment of the business sector.


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