4 Online Associate Degree Programs Available in Business Information Systems

Earning an Associates Degree in MIS Online

In this day and age, it may be hard to imagine any business succeeding without the use of digital technology. Every operation from communications to accounting takes place online or via a computer. Jobs have been developed specifically to accommodate this relatively new field, and earning an associate's degree in... MIS may provide you the education to better pursue those positions.

What is a degree in business information systems?
Computer programs operate through a series of data networks. Information systems is the field concerned with the functioning of those networks, their interactions with one another, and their relationship to a business' operations. People who work in this field often try to improve and streamline these networks so as to make the running of a business more efficient and cost-effective. As such, the study of information systems largely focuses on computer science, engineering and mathematics.

Beyond a strong understanding of computer science, working in this field may also require a good knowledge of a business' overall operations, from its financial structure to its marketing goals. Earning an associate's degree in business information systems may provide students a background in the technical aspects of the job. It may also lead to skills in management so that graduates can communicate to employers the need for certain changes in their operations as well as maintain the function of large-scale networks.

Putting your business information systems degree to use
An associate's degree in MIS may put people on the track toward a well-compensated position. Because the field often involves the functioning of large and complex systems, a wide variety of positions have been created for their express upkeep.

According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many positions in business information systems require a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field, including computer network architects,[i] information security analysts[ii] and management analysts.[iii] An associate's degree may serve as a good jumping-off point. Computer network architects oversee the actual construction and design of the networks, both in terms of their digital as well as their physical layout in the office. Information security analysts focus on the protections of computer systems from cyberattacks. Meanwhile, management analysts oversee all computer-related operations of a business, including the installment of equipment as well as the development of budgets for improvements and maintenance. These positions are most closely related to the work of business information systems, and earning an associate's degree may put you on the track toward them.

There are also positions that may be attained for graduates with an associate's degree. For example, network and computer systems administrators may only need a postsecondary certificate,[iv] according to the BLS. They are responsible for the organization, maintenance and improvement of an office's computer systems. Computer support specialists may need even less of a computer background,[v] as they are responsible for performing that regular maintenance. Web developing may only be somewhat related to business information systems, but the work still involves computer knowledge, as it requires designing and creating websites.

The pay for business information systems jobs
Information systems' relative infancy and complexity compared to other fields, and its increasingly key role in the functions of business have had a positive impact on the annual median wage and job outlook for many positions in this field. The BLS has provided data that indicates as much.

  • Network and computer systems administrators: $72,560[vi] (12 percent employment growth projected through 2022)[vi]
  • Computer support specialists: $48,900[vii] (17 percent employment growth projected through 2022)[vii]
  • Web developer: $62,500[viii] (20 percent employment growth projected through 2022)[viii]

Skills required in business information systems
Jobs in this field generally require a strong background in computer science. As such, people looking to earn a degree in business information systems may need strong analytical and problem-solving skills as well as an attention to technical detail. 

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