104 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Organizational Leadership

Potential Careers With an Online Masters in Organizational Leadership

Do you find yourself wondering how organizations function from the inside, beyond what you can see? Are you interested in knowing more about the framework of a thriving enterprise? By pursuing an online master's degree in organizational leadership, you'll learn how to become part of this fast-paced world, where your... expertise could be put to work in many exciting ways.

A closer look at organizational leadership
One of the key benefits of this degree is the flexibility afforded to people with a diverse range of interests. You'll learn a key set of skills relating to the management of various kind of companies, including nonprofits, universities and government facilities, which will ultimately afford you more selectivity as you decide where your career will go. People who typically find themselves in a motivational role, reveling in the challenge of keeping employees engaged and productive, are already well-suited to careers in this field. You'll also have an opportunity to transfer the knowledge you gain into any number of cursory roles, choosing to support the ins and outs of an office culture rather than directly influencing the staff inhabiting it.

Positions available in organizational leadership
If you're attracted to this master's degree, chances are you're hoping to develop a career in leadership. However, you might be surprised to know just how many different shapes a position managing others can take. For instance, ONET suggested that people who receive their master's in organizational leadership can look forward to working with a team of people as a human resources manager, developing entire businesses at their core.

Individuals who prefer to take a behind-the-scenes approach to organizational leadership can find themselves working alongside front-line managers, helping them develop their own skills as effective team builders and workplace coaches. People in this role tend to host lectures and act as more of an educator than an office worker, so if you're invested in this path, get ready to spend your days motivating groups of people.

Possible salaries for organizational leadership jobs
Just as you can find positions more relatable to your interests with a degree in organizational leadership, the salaries you can expect are also diverse. Based on 2012 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people who are attracted to a position as a human resources specialist can expect to make approximately $55,000 per year, whereas training and development managers can make up to an average of $95,000 per year. Of course, these are approximations, as your experience in the field will typically factor into how much you're paid.

  • Human Resources Specialist: $55,640 per year (7 percent growth projected through 2022)[i]

  • Training and Development Managers: $95,400 per year (11 percent growth projected through 2022)[ii]

  • Administrative Services manager: $81,080 per year (12 percent growth projected through 2022)[iii]

Skills required in organizational leadership
You'll be called upon to bolster the strengths of your colleagues, helping them meet the expectations of the company. As these positions tend to include a lot of high-energy activities, being able to think on your feet and solve problems swiftly will help you manage stress. While you might not always be sitting at a desk, having a basic knowledge of spreadsheet, pagination and document software could help you if you find yourself in a role that deals with corporate finances. 

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