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Professionals with an online public relations degree possess superior verbal and written expression as well as excellent people skills. They use their natural abilities to spread the word about what is going on with whatever business, organization, or individual they represent. Communications is a field tailor-made for people who know... how to build a network and leverage toward the best interests of their company or client.

A good communications professional knows how to highlight achievements and deal with adversity should it arise. Using media, special events, publicity, email and print campaigns, communications professionals craft the various messages that an entity shows the public. Communications professionals are well-versed in the latest forms of electronic and print communication, presentation software, and digital conferencing.

While some colleges offer an associate's degree in communications, a bachelor's is more common and carries more weight in the competitive, results-driven job market. A communications curriculum consists of writing, media, technology, and marketing courses, with a focus on the real-world application of verbal and written expression.

Communications professionals work mostly in marketing, publicity, and press departments. Job duties may also include internal communications, where professionals are in charge of relaying information within a company or organization. Depending on the size of the company they work for, or if they are independent consultants, communications professionals may specialize in a certain area of communications or have a diverse portfolio of achievements and skills.

Depending on the setting, communications can be a nine-to-five office job, or a fast-paced, international lifestyle. Salaries for communications and public relations graduates also range widely, with the highest pay going to those holding corporate, managerial positions.

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