16 Online Degree Programs Available in Computer Science

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Is an Online Computer Science Degree Right for You?

If you are fascinated by computers, pursuing an online computer science degree may be your path to a satisfying career. Depending on your interests, a degree in computer science and engineering could lead you into software or systems software development, hardware engineering, database administration, network administration or systems administration.

... bold;">What Can You Earn?

  • • Computer hardware engineer: $98,810i
  • • Computer software developer: $90,530ii
  • • Network or systems administrator: $69,160iii
  • • Database administrator: $73,490iv

What Are the Qualifications?

Many computer science and engineering jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Courses you may take as you earn your degree include computer programming, systems design, networking, and writing code.

Skills you will likely develop in an online computer science degree include data analysis, multi-tasking, problem-solving, and troubleshooting.

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