Careers With an Online Bachelors in Curriculum & Instruction

Successful teachers rely on their expertise within a field as well as their abilities to communicate effectively with children. They also depend on curricula, which serve as road maps for the school year. While many teachers make up their own lesson plans, some schools may rely on the services of... instructional coordinators to help develop curricula and better coordinate the academic efforts of the entire staff. Whether you're planning to become an educator, or you already are one, you may want to consider earning an online bachelors in curriculum & instruction.

The degree in brief
Deciding what information should be included in a curriculum - and, just as importantly, what can be left out - is a powerful responsibility. Those that wield it can effectively alter people's perceptions and opinions on a subject, for better or for worse. If done well, students may gain plenty of well-rounded knowledge at the introductory level of a course, or sharpen their understanding of a subject as they delve into more specialized areas of study. Crafted poorly, however, and an entire class may be left without the proper foundation to continue their studies, and may even become more confused about a subject.

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