12 Online Degree Programs Available in Database Management

Learn About Database Management Programs Online

As organizations rely more on computer-based systems to store, maintain, and analyze data, the database administrator has assumed a key role in the fields of business and information technology. Specializing in databases is a great way for the tech-savvy professional to increase her marketability. The first step to these careers... could be pursuing database management programs online.

Database architects design and build complex information systems. These systems are tailor-made for the individual organization and take into account both the organization's information needs and how its end-users are likely to interact with the database. Database administrators may also aid in the development of the database, but they are mainly responsible for systems that are already in place. They are there to train users, troubleshoot, and maintain the database's integrity and security.

Database management programs online teach students the relevant programs they will need to create and tweak database systems, such as Oracle, PL/SQL, OLAP, and others. Students work directly with the programs to build mock-ups of database structures that could be used in real organizations. Additionally, they will take courses that examine these technologies in the greater context of business operations.

Individuals with a more general background in information technology/computer science, or who have learned database programs on the job, may choose to get certified in a certain type of database management. Certification demonstrates to potential employers that a candidate is up to industry standard.


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