5 Online Degree Programs Available in eCommerce & Social Media

Potential Careers With a Social Media Degree Online

There's no denying the Internet has changed the way companies do business. Through the use of the Web and various social media websites, organizations are able to expand their reach and satisfy customers near and far.

As knowledge of technology and the Internet is so essential in the modern business sector,... you may benefit from learning more about eCommerce and social media. Fortunately, many colleges and universities understand the demand for more information about these evolving fields and provide you with an opportunity to earn a social media degree online.

Evolution of social media

If you're considering pursuing an online degree, it's likely you're already comfortable using the Internet. So are a lot of other people, which is why the demand for eCommerce and social media degrees has never been greater.

Some institutions offer bachelor's and master's degrees in social media, eCommerce or eBusiness, while others focus on these topics via concentrations for business administration degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. If you enroll in these types of programs, you could find yourself taking a mix of business and technology courses. Social media marketing is one area you might focus on. You could gain a better understanding of how customers use social media websites, as well as how these platforms could be used to target tech-savvy consumers. In addition, you stand to graduate with an understanding of the software applications professionals use for their eCommerce needs.

In high demand

Thanks to smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices, people can gain access to the Internet within seconds, no matter where they are. At the same time, more and more people are accessing social media platforms and becoming more familiar and trusting of eCommerce than ever before. As a result, job opportunities related to eCommerce and social media are on the rise.

Take market research analysts, for instance. These professionals are charged with discovering what types of products consumers want to buy, as well as how much they'd be willing to pay for them, among other responsibilities. With so many people sharing their thoughts and preferences on the Web, there's certainly a lot of information for market research analysts to learn from online. They are also experiencing faster-than-average job growth due to the rising need for new data and market research, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)i.

The pay

The BLS also provides information on how much you might make as a market research analyst. Here are the median annual wages for this line of work, as well as other professions you may be able to enter with a background in eCommerce and social media studies:

  • Market research analyst: $60,300ii (32 percent employment growth expected through 2020)iii
  • Marketing manager: $119,480iv (13 percent employment growth expected through 2020)v

Tech-savvy professionals

Pursuing an eCommerce or social media degree online has the potential to set you up for career success. These programs' courses typically cover such topics as eCommerce technology, management information systems, information technology, and systems analysis and development on the Web. At the same time, you're likely to take classes in core business subjects, including leadership and marketing.

In addition to completing essential courses, future eCommerce and social media professionals could benefit from being good communicators with analytical and critical-thinking skills. As the eCommerce and social media fields are constantly evolving, it also helps if those who work in these areas are enterprising, independent and curious enough to keep up with the latest developments in their sector.


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