48 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Education

Online Bachelors Degree in Education - Bachelor of Education Degree Graduate

What Are the Benefits of an Online Bachelors Degree in Education?

If you are hoping to become a teacher or learning specialist, earning an online bachelors degree in education is a necessary first step on this rewarding professional path. If you are currently employed but looking for a new career, an online bachelors degree in education may be a flexible learning... option. A bachelor of education online may allow you to remain employed while you study, which can peak a major perk for busy adult learners.

The applications for an online bachelors degree in education are often varied and may depend on your area of focus as you complete your program. You may opt to concentrate on elementary, secondary, pre-school, or special education. Other areas of study may include Instructional Design and Technology, Childhood Development, Literacy, and subject-specific concentrations such as Math Education or Science Education. General topics covered over the course of a bachelor in education program usually include instructional methodology, curriculum planning, educational technology, basic child psychology, and other critical knowledge areas. Course-based curriculum plus individual research assignments may help you to explore this diverse field while preparing for the exciting challenges you could face as a teacher, learning specialist, or other education professional.


An online bachelors degree in education typically prepares candidates for teaching opportunities in public and private schools or other organizations with a focus on education, such as libraries or tutoring centers. Keep in mind that while all U.S. states require prospective teachers to hold a bachelor of education, other licensure requirements may vary. General and subject-specific tests as well as supervised student teaching are typically part of the teacher certification process. While an online bachelors degree in education is conducted remotely, with students studying from home, many programs arrange for candidates to receive the field experience they require. A bachelor of education degree may help you to develop the knowledge and competencies you need to make a positive difference in your school district and beyond. 


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