120 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Education

Online Doctoral Programs in Education - Online Doctorate in Education

Why Choose an Online Doctorate in Education

If your career goals require it, an online doctorate in education may be an excellent option. In today’s ever-evolving field of education, teachers, administrators, and other leaders can benefit from exploring new theories, practices, and technologies to enrich their professional preparation. An online doctorate in education may allow you to... remain employed while pursuing this degree in a flexible format.

An online doctorate in education may have a variety of applications. You could choose to pursue teacher leadership roles that require management skills as well as knowledge of current innovations in curriculum and teaching methodology. If you want to have an even bigger impact on your school or district, you may opt to earn a doctorate in education as a means of pursuing a role in administration. Principals, administrators, and other education leaders manage and supervise teachers and other professionals, ensuring that they have the necessary resources and support. They evaluate test scores and data to chart the school’s progress according to state and federal standards, and they develop strategies to improve overall performance. Finally, online doctorate programs in education may prepare you for postsecondary teaching opportunities, research, and other roles in the field of academia.

In most cases, an online doctorate in education gives candidates the opportunity to explore a concentration of personal and professional interest, conduct independent research, and complete a doctoral thesis at the culmination of the program. Some of the concentrations offered in online doctoral programs in education may include Instructional Design, Technology, Teacher Leadership, Higher Education Administration, and many other options. Earning a doctorate in education may be a great  opportunity to expand your knowledge base, develop your expertise in a subject that you are passionate about, and prepare to make a greater impact within your teaching and learning community. An online doctorate in education may also allow those currently employed in the field of education to further their career goals while continuing to serve their students.


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