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102 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Education Leadership & Administration

Why Pursue an Online Master's Degree in Education Leadership and Administration?

Have you ever aspired to pursue a career in the field of education? Are you looking to do behind-the-scenes business work that is instrumental to the learning process, rather than standing directly in front of a class? If these goals seem to be right up your alley in terms of... interests and ambitions, then you may want to take the first step in heading down this track and earn an online master's degree in education leadership and administration.

Whether you've already had some professional exposure to education or you've recently decided to switch tracks and start heading into this line of work, obtaining an advanced degree of this nature could offer a variety of benefits. By presenting comprehensive coursework in a variety of subjects that pertain to the education industry, a degree program may equip you not only with a solid knowledgebase of the realm of pedagogy, but also a set of business skills. This way, you could develop expertise in the faculties that would enable you to delegate, manage and run educational institutions in an effective manner.

A range of employment opportunities in education leadership and administration
It can be easy to forget that schools are ultimately businesses. Educational institutions - both public and private - across the country have to complete many of the same tasks that companies in all other sectors have to do. For instance, schools must determine operating costs, come up with budgets and manage staff members, just like businesses. To carry out these functions and many others, schools require specialized professionals who can get the job done. If you earn your online master's degree in education leadership and administration, you may glean the skills and know-how that could prove invaluable to schools on the business side of their operations, potentially presenting you with opportunities ranging from principal positions to financial management jobs in school districts throughout the U.S.

Possible salaries in education leadership and administration
The amount of money that you could ultimately make when pursuing this career path varies to a certain extent. After earning your master's degree, you may be able to find a leadership or administration role, which tend to be higher up in schools and provide more generous incomes compared to other jobs in education. However, the exact amount of pay available is likely to depend on the institution, the position and the level of experience you may have. Here are some professions that you could pursue, as well as the estimated salaries provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Elementary, middle or high school principal: Median annual salary of $87,760 (6 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Postsecondary education administrator: Median annual salary of $86,490 (15 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

Additional skills for careers in education leadership and administration
An online master's degree in education leadership and administration could provide you with insight into this line of work - teaching you everything from financial to legal topics - but there are other skills that may increase your chances of success. For example, strong interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving capabilities could also improve your job candidacy and better guarantee your performance on this track. 


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