34 Online Degree Programs Available in Engineering

All About an Online Engineering Degree

Engineering is about devising and building everything from bridges to transportation systems. Most engineering jobs may require a bachelor’s degree in engineering or an engineering specialty such as electrical or chemical engineering. Moving up into management may require a master’s degree.

The demand for engineers is high – and getting higher... . Some engineering fields are expected to grow close to 20% by 2020i. Biomedical engineers are forecast to experience a surge in job growth of 62% by 2020i.

Potential Salaries with an Online Engineering Degree

Here are a few salary statistics for engineering careers:

  • • Civil engineer: $77,560iii
  • • Electrical or electronics engineer: $87,180iv
  • • Mechanical engineer: $78,160v
  • • Aerospace engineer: $97,480vi

Basic Requirements

Engineers need skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, math and communication. In some engineering fields, such as petroleum engineer or civil engineer, an engineer must work with a variety of professionals, from tradesmen to government officials, so teamwork skills also come in handy.

Courses you may have to take as you earn an online engineering degree include fluid and solid mechanicsvii, statisticsviii, engineering principlesix, and designx.

Request information from any of the schools below to help you find the right online engineering degree for your goals.

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