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Why Pursue an Online English Degree?

Being "well-read" isn't just for famous bards like Shakespeare, Chaucer and Milton—it's for the students, professors, critics and writers who devote themselves to the study of English. A knack for literature and writing is very valuable in both the marketplace and at the post secondary level. In the latter case,... English majors interact with professors who have advanced degrees in their field, are published writers and critics, and who are well-read across the entire canon of Anglophone literature. Instructors teach more sophisticated strategies for literary interpretation, while helping students to hone their writing through creative, critical, and practical exercises. If this sounds interesting, you may want to pursue an online English degree.

English majors take a variety of literature courses focusing on different literary periods (e.g. Romantic, Victorian, modernist), major canonical figures (e.g. Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton), and critical perspectives (e.g. feminist, Freudian, post-colonial). Volumes of reading is one expectation; thoughtful responses class discussion, written assignments, and on exams is another. Courses that focus more on writing are commonly taught in a workshop format, in which drafts are put through peer review and revised throughout the length of the course. Small classes called seminars focus intensely on one subject, while lecture-format survey courses expose students to literature from a specific era.

Getting an online english degree is a viable option for aspiring writers, literary critics, and those who just want to improve their practical communication skills—but may not have the same flexibility as a traditional-aged student. These days, it is not mandatory to sit in a classroom to get a quality education. Online students of English can now log into class, receive instruction, conduct research, and create interactive documents, all from a single computer. After all, this frees up a lot of extra time to get through all ten of Milton's "Paradise Lost" books.

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