6 Online Degree Programs Available in Fashion, Retail & Merchandising

Earning an Online Fashion Merchandising Degree

Considered visionaries, fashion designers envision what people are going to wear 18 to 24 months in the future, and then make it happen. To stay in the know, fashion designers attend runway shows, read fashion magazines, and keep up on trend reports.

Fashion designers turn a vision into clothing by first... sketching out a design, then pattering and sewing a prototype that will be fitted on a live model, and making the necessary adjustments. The final product is then sent off to production. If this sounds interesting, you may want to pursue an online fashion merchandising degree.

To find a job in fashion, it helps if individuals have 2- to 4-year degrees and a working knowledge of textiles, design, and fashion trends. Many schools offer fashion design as a major, in which students can choose to concentrate on the fie arts over the business side of the industry. An arts-focused curriculum will usually include courses in art/fashion history, drawing, digital art, and global perspectives. Each online fashion merchandising degree differs.

Though the biggest paydays in fashion go to the Calvin Kleins and Donna Karens of the industry, experienced and talented fashion designers generally do quite well.

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