93 Online Degree Programs Available in Finance

What is an Online Finance Degree?

If you're comfortable working with numbers large and small, and mathematics has always come easily to you, then it's possible pursuing an online finance degree is right up your alley. Whether you enroll in an undergraduate program or a graduate track, you're setting the stage for a career in a... part of the business sector where certain job opportunities are expanding.i ii iii iv

Online finance degrees, by the numbers

In the business sector, the need for financial knowledge may be growing. Of course, professionals need to acquire the appropriate knowledge and skills somewhere, and an ideal place to start may be in a bachelor's degree in finance. Some schools offer programs focused entirely on finance, while others deliver finance education via a specialization for a business administration program. Ultimately, you could stand to gain the types of analytical and quantitative skills you may rely on in pursuing a career in finance.

If you have your sights set on pursuing more advanced occupations in finance, such as managerial roles, then you may want to consider earning a master's degree in finance or a Master of Business Administration with a finance concentration. Online finance degrees at the master's level could also prepare you for Ph.D in finance tracks, which would take you down a more scholarly route.

Careers at different levels

It's possible for you to pursue careers in the field of finance after completing undergraduate and graduate degrees. Financial analysts, financial examiners and personal financial advisors are all occupations for which a bachelor's degree in finance is considered an educational requirement. To work in these professions, you'll require similar qualities, such as good analytical and math skills. However, the day-to-day responsibilities for each job vary.

Financial analysts advise people and organizations on their investment decisions. Meanwhile, financial examiners ensure that financial institutions and transactions comply with the law, while personal financial advisors provide individuals with advice regarding investments, insurance and taxes. Master's degrees in finance and related subjects may set you up to pursue a career as a financial manager, a role in which you would oversee the financial health of an organization.

The pay

The types of salaries you may potentially earn in the finance field will vary depending on the job, among other factors. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the median annual wages for these financial professions, which could give you a good sense of how much you could potentially earn.

  • Financial analyst: $76,950v (16 percent employment growth expected through 2022)vi
  • Financial examiner: $75,800vii (6 percent employment growth expected through 2022)viii
  • Personal finance advisor: $67,520ix (27 percent employment growth expected through 2022)x
  • Financial manager: $109,740xi (9 percent employment growth expected through 2022)xii

Skill-building in school

If you choose to pursue online finance degrees, you're likely to take courses in topics such as accounting, economics, financial concepts and mathematics, among others. Completing these and other required classes may help you develop the abilities you need to enhance your career in the finance sector, such as analytical, interpersonal and decision-making skills.


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