37 Online Degree Programs Available in Fine Art

Why Pursue an Online Degree in Fine Arts?

If you're passionate about pursuing a career in the realm of fine arts, but unsure what professions, requirements or expectations this field may yield, it may be worth it to work toward your online degree in fine arts. While some individuals holding this certification may fear that they may not... find a suitable career in this discipline, in reality, there are a variety of potential occupations in the arts that frequently produce happy, knowledgeable employees.

Whether they're employed in the professional services, retail, education or manufacturing industry, these workers could benefit from knowledge gleaned from an online degree in fine arts. Individuals employed in this profession can generally dedicate their degrees toward honing their craft, whether they prefer visual or performing arts.

A glimpse into the realm of fine arts
Pursuing certification in this field allows students a variety of benefits that may greatly serve their professional careers. During courses specifically geared toward their individual artistic talent, students could develop pieces to supplement their portfolios. As they work toward their degree, they may use course time to perfect methods, learn new skills, develop connections and increase industry knowledge. Additionally, as these students may frequently complete tasks alongside fellow artists, they could foster deeper relationships with professionals in their field. These connections may be crucial for students upon graduation, as they may rely upon friends and mentors to pursue employment after school.

There are several different disciplines in which students could specialize, including graphic design, painting, drawing, theater, illustration, animation or photography. If students know they want to pursue a degree in fine arts, but do not yet have an area of specialty, courses may guide learners through the basics of certain fields to give them a better glimpse into individual realms. Upon earning certifications, these workers could pursue employment in many industries - from corporate organizations to postsecondary institutions.

Possible salaries for a career in fine arts
Since artists holding an online degree in fine arts may have developed a set of specialized skills different from their peers holding the same certification, salaries for graduates of these programs may vary based on education, industry and skill, among other factors. Consider the following careers, with statistics compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012.

  • Craft and fine artists: 2012 Median annual salary of $44,380 (3 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Multimedia artists and animators: 2012 Median annual salary of $61,370 (6 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Art directors: 2012 Median annual salary of $80,880 (3 percent projected growth through 2022)[iii]

Additional skills required for a career in fine arts
The field of fine arts is competitive, as individuals are constantly pitted against peers, professionals and works from their past. Because of this, you must have thick skin. This is especially true for students who wish to pursue a career developing creative pieces for a living, as no matter how many hours and resources are poured into a project, everyone's a critic.

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