Why Pursue an Online Masters Degree in Fine Arts?

If you are passionate about your art and want to take your creativity to new heights, an online masters degree in fine arts may be for you. In 2010, 15,552 of the 693,025 master’s degrees awarded were in fine artsi. That’s an increase from 10,918 in 2000.ii A master’s degree in fine arts may open up fields such as arts education, curation, and art direction. You may also find yourself specializing in arts fields such as medical illustration. If you have a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, you may want to take the next step and earn your master’s degree to be eligible for more opportunities in museum jobs like curator and conservatoriii.

What Could You Earn?

  • • Arts professor: $62,160iv
  • • Curator: $48,450v
  • • Art director: $80,630vi
  • • Artist: $44,850vii

What Will You Study ?

Depending on your interests and what you choose to specialize in as you earn an online masters degree in fine arts, you may study subjects such as performance, sculpture, printmaking, electronic media, ceramics, illustration, photography, art theory, painting, and graphic design.