19 Online Degree Programs Available in Graphic Design & Multimedia

Careers With an Online Graphic Design Degree

In the age of technology-driven communications, graphics and multimedia present us with information everywhere. This highly technical field offers computer-savvy individuals the opportunity to use their problem-solving skills in a creative career. If this sounds interesting, you may want to pursue an online graphic design degree.

Using computer applications, graphic and... multimedia designers create and correct images and text in a final composition, helping clients convey a message to their target audience through visual design. These days, there is an increasing demand for design projects in interactive media, including websites and smart phone applications. It is essential that designers have their fingers on the pulse, keeping up with technology trends and understanding how to capture the modern consumer's attention.

An online graphic design degree will focus mostly on the software programs used in print, electronic, and film media. A two- or four-year degree program trains students in web design, desktop publishing, and computer animation. Since a big part of the job is working with clients, students may also take classes in marketing, communications, and psychology.

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