264 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Health & Medicine

Why Pursue a Masters in Health & Medicine Online

As a licensed registered nurse (RN) you have great career opportunities in a challenging and rewarding field. But if you wish to advance beyond entry level positions or hope to work in a special medical field, you will need to earn a masters in health & medicine online.

If you choose... to pursue master-level study online, you may take core courses such as Nursing Theory; Advanced Practice Nursing Roles; Pharmacotherapeutics; Pathophysiology; Health Assessment; Research Methods; Health Law, Policy and Ethics. Your master program will also include classes in your specialty area and clinical practice experience. You will have to complete a thesis in your area of concentration as well.

With a masters in health & medicine online, you can pursue a career in a number of specialty areas including clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife, or nurse anesthetist. All of these specialists are in high demand, particularly in underserved areas and rural locations.

If you plan to work as a clinical nurse specialist your training will prepare you to provide primary healthcare to different populations (from neonatal through senior care) and in many different settings. Common specialty areas for nurse practitioners include family practice, adult practice, pediatrics, acute care, and geriatrics, but there are numerous other specialty areas for nurse practitioners. For a career as a nurse anesthetist, you'll learn to administer anesthesia, help patients manage pain, and provide care for surgery or other medical procedures.

Training for nurse-midwives includes learning to provide health services for women (i.e., gynecological exams, prenatal care, labor and delivery assistance, and postpartum care).

RNs with advanced educational degrees and training may perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and may be able to prescribe medication. As an advanced practice nurse you may work independently or collaborate with physicians.

Some graduates of online master-level programs in nursing work in positions such as forensics nurses and nurse educators, that have little or no direct interaction with patients, but these jobs still require you to have an active RN license. You can also apply your online master degree and RN experience to a career as a health writer; researcher; or consultant for healthcare organizations, public agencies, and pharmaceutical companies.

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