20 Online Degree Programs Available in Health Sciences

What Are the Benefits of Health Sciences Degrees?

Health science is the area of applied science that deals with health, with ultimate goal of preventing and curing disease. As the health sciences industry continues its rapid growth, Health Science is becoming increasingly relevant in the workplace. Those with a biomedical background face new and interesting career opportunities for... their knowledge to be put to use with.

As an industry, the Health Sciences are a cross-section of the life sciences, health care, and medical diagnostics industries. Two- and four-year health sciences degrees are offered at many traditional and online schools. Such interdisciplinary programs teach students how to understand physiological, social, economic, and behavioral factors affect health. Students will also learn technical skills needed to gather and organize data, as well as organizational skills for planning and implementing health-based programs.

Those pursuing health sciences degrees can parlay these skills into an array of careers, including those in health care, HMO, and hospital administration; health marketing, public relations and media; biotechnology research and development; pharmaceutical sales and clinical trials; health education and counseling; and policy and government.


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