1 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Health Sciences

All About an Online PhD in Health Sciences

An online PhD in health sciences provides interdisciplinary training in research, administration, and policy analysis. With a doctorate in health services, you'll be prepared to plan and manage more effective health programs in the public or private sector. You might also follow in the footsteps of graduates who have gone... on to make advances in health research, public policy, and the delivery of medical services.

Goals of many researchers include finding solutions to common problems in the health industry; these include looking at ways to improve access to healthcare and the cost effectiveness of different programs. Health services researchers look to raise the quality of health services for all by investigating ways to improve patient safety and reduce errors. There is also significant interest in improving government programs.

To be admitted to an online doctoral-level program in health services, you will need a master degree in a related major such as in health administration, health services, economics, or business administration. Prior to enrolling for an online phd in health sciences, you may need to satisfactorily complete courses in specific health topics such as epidemiology, environmental health, biostatistics, health behaviors, and health systems. If your previous academic work did not include those requirements, you'll need to take the necessary courses in addition to your doctoral credits.

Depending on your professional focus, your Ph.D. might act as a springboard into academia, helping you to gain a teaching position in the field. Some doctoral students are recruited to work as teaching assistants for undergraduate or graduate courses. These opportunities can help you gain valuable experience if you plan to work in a university setting ongoing.

Government agencies and private organizations also look for individuals who have completed doctoral studies to lead research and improve efficacy of their programs and services.

The curriculum for your doctoral studies will include advanced courses in topics such as health policy and health economics as well as statistical courses and workshops that will hone your research skills. As part of your degree requirements, you will also need to complete a dissertation.

Many schools also set up partnerships with health-related business such as insurance companies or medical facilities. These organizations may offer students access to their facilities or opportunities to gain valuable work experience. Partner organizations can be good sources for career networking or future employment after you receive your degree.


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