15 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Healthcare Administration & Management

Are you already in the medical field, but looking to enhance your career? Do you feel like complementing your current interest in healthcare with more business-heavy responsibilities? If you find yourself intrigued by the notion of expanding your knowledge of the medical industry and possibly pursuing a more authoritative position... than your current post, then earning an online PhD in healthcare administration may be a smart career move. In addition to having the opportunity to learn all of the legal and ethical implications involved in healthcare, you could glean the skills needed to organize, finance and manage medical facilities in an effective manner.

A range of potential employment opportunities in healthcare administration
Because there are so many different kinds of healthcare organizations and facilities, this field boasts a wide array of career paths that could be the perfect fit for your professional aspirations and your personal passions. From nursing homes and hospitals to home health services, businesses throughout the private sector need to be managed by seasoned experts who have a profound understanding of everything that healthcare administration entails. Also, in a broader sense, government agencies and public organizations require leaders who know all the ins and outs of this discipline so that they can work to formulate public policies and regulations that will dictate how healthcare companies throughout the country will operate.

As you can imagine, professionals filling these roles may carry a great deal of responsibility, and if you want to pursue one of these career paths, it would behoove you to have a solid and profound knowledge base of all the complex subjects you could deal with on a daily basis. To build upon any foundation you already have, earning your online PhD in healthcare administration may be a safe bet.

Possible salaries in healthcare administration
The potential incomes that you could earn after obtaining an online PhD in healthcare administration depend on the type of organization with which you become involved, among other factors. Each facility, service provider and agency varies in terms of the funds it has at its disposal. Likewise, every administrator managing a medical organization is compensated based on the level of responsibility he or she has, as well as the cash flow coming into these groups. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides salary potential from 2012 for a couple of job opportunities within this field, and you should take them into consideration when contemplating an online PhD program.

  • Medical and health services manager: Median annual salary of $88,580 (23 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Postsecondary teacher with a focus on health specialties: Median annual salary of $81,140 (19 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

Additional skills for careers in healthcare administration
For the most part, completing an online PhD program in healthcare administration could give you extensive insight into this profession, potentially equipping you with the expertise you may need to know. In general, business skills, as well as awareness of the latest innovations in medical treatments and public policy could be invaluable to being successful on this career track. 

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