16 Online Degree Programs Available in History

Pursuing a History Degree Online

If Genghis Khan and Abraham Lincoln are your kind of people, a history degree online could be for you. While there isn’t a straight career path with a history degree, there are a variety of paths you can choose from. One of them is to law school, where an understanding... of history may be a good foundation for studying law and legal history. You could also become a history teacher, or work in a museum as a curator, or become a historian.

Potential Salaries with a History Degree Online

  • • Lawyer: $112,760i
  • • Curator: $48,450ii
  • • High school history teacher: $53,230iii
  • • College history teacher: $73,090iv
  • • Historian: $53,520v

What Are Some of the Qualifications?

Qualifications may vary depending on the specific position. For example, depending on which job you pursue, you may need to earn a master’s degree to qualify. If you’re looking to become a lawyer you’ll need a J.D. (juris doctor) degreevi. And if you’d like to become a high school history teacher that requires a bachelor’s degreevii.

A history major may take courses such as American history (with courses concentrating on specific eras such as post-World War II), European history, war history, history of regions such as Asia or the Middle East, cultural history, legal history, and history of economics.

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