51 Online Degree Programs Available in Homeland Security & Intelligence

What Are the Benefits of a Homeland Security Degree Online?

The Department of Homeland Security is more than a post-9/11 political buzzword—it's a multi-pronged effort to combat terrorism. As an arm of the Federal Government, DHS is made up of several different agencies united by one mission: to protect the United States. This means that its inhabitants lead safer lives... and are better taken care of when emergencies arise. If this sounds interesting, you may want to pursue a homeland security degree online.

From cybernetic attacks to Weapons of Mass Destruction, terrorist tools are endless. So are counterterrorist tools ranging from intel analysis to hazardous material detection. These tools are critical to unfoiling a wide range of plausible terrorist plots. Drugs coming across American borders threaten the safety of communities affected by crime, while foreign plant and animal life could terrorize local ecology. And while refugees must be guaranteed safe passage to their new homes in America, an uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants could overtax an area's resources.

Fortunately, there are different agencies within the Department of Homeland Security designed to address all of these potential problems. The Department of Homeland Security has a wide and varied network of agencies, and each carry out very specific tasks to protect the nation. Employees with homeland security responsibilities enjoy benefits common to all government personnel—including competitive wages, healthcare for the employee and his or her family, paid vacation, and generous pensions—along with the gratification of knowing the nation is safer because of their work.

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