35 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Human Resources Management

Why Pursue an Online Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources?

Are you curious about the inner workings of the office environment? Do you have an interest in helping to recruit, train and work alongside new employees? Pursuing an online bachelor's degree in human resources may be the best way to jumpstart your career this field, as individuals with this certification... may have an opportunity to garner a greater knowledge of management and organizational development in a given company.

Careers in human resources span an array of possible areas, from creating resources to help attract job applicants to spearheading programs geared toward training new hires in the workplace. An online degree program in human resources could introduce students to potential careers, relevant topics and meaningful information that may help move them forward on their path to management in this field.

A glimpse into the realm of human resources
People working in human resources are essential for the survival of an organization. These individuals are frequently the first point of contact for job candidates or recently hired workers. From there, employees in human resources help connect these people to other areas of the business, which may include intensive training programs or rigorous interviewing processes.

Additionally, people working in human resources frequently must develop and uphold office-wide policies, such as those involving communication or interactions between employees. Workers in this field are in charge of maintaining professional relations between the company's employee base, as well as developing working conditions in which these people are comfortable and eager to perform.

An online degree in human resources allows students to explore a breadth of business courses ideal for careers in the field. These may include technical writing, business ethics, economics, law and even developmental psychology. In addition, classes may help prepare individuals for creating contracts, policies and initiatives best suited to serve employees.

Possible salaries for a career in human resources
There are a variety of career fields in the field of human resources. From managers to trainers, individuals with an interest in this realm may have many options to choose from. Consider the following careers, with data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012.

  • Human resources managers: 2012 Median annual salary of $99,720 (13 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Human resources specialists and labor relations specialists: 2012 Median annual salary of $55,640 (7 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Training and development managers: 2012 Median annual salary of $95,400 (11 percent projected growth through 2022)[iii]

Additional skills required for a position in human resources
Having a career in human resources requires a strong desire to work alongside many different people each day. These employees frequently interact with staff members from all departments, so they must be social individuals with excellent people skills. Additionally, those in human resources must be driven by a desire to make the office environment a safe, efficient and effective place for all those working within it. Human resources employees should be constantly developing and spreading initiatives geared toward boosting employees' desire to create meaningful work. 

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