22 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Human Services

Careers With an Online Human Services Bachelors Degree

Plenty of professions are geared toward helping others. There are doctors, psychologists, firefighters and teachers. While some of those fields require intense specialization or demanding physical work, one particular degree manages to combine the study of helping individuals with the study of assisting the community at large, allowing for students... to choose exactly how they want to go about assisting others in the world. If you're interested in providing support for those in need, you may want to consider earning an online human services bachelors degree.

What is an online human services bachelors degree?
This field is about exactly what the name implies - providing service to people in those daily capacities that make us human. That may involve helping people get food, work or shelter. People who are sick that need help bathing, getting groceries, eating and driving may also benefit from the work of human services. The degrees are most readily visible in these daily, often intimate tasks for those in the most dire straits. However, the degree is flexible in that it also lays claim to broad social reform and community outreach projects. Environmental work, after-school programs and other related service programs fall under the purview of human services.

Earning a bachelor's degree may be an excellent way to pursue work in these fields, as classes prepare students through a variety of pertinent subjects. Classes may focus on human behavior, social law and government policy, psychology, case management, crisis control and other areas related to assisting others. Students may learn how to communicate, empathize, solve problems and set goals for others. In this sense, human services is an interdisciplinary field, blending communications, law, and behavioral psychology into one field. There may also be opportunities to further specialize in the field, with focuses on medicine, social work or community public policy. A bachelor's degree also differs from an associate' degree in that there may be more focus on management, potentially imbuing students with the skills to take charge in community projects and programs.

Job available in human services
There are plenty of jobs that people can go on to pursue with a bachelor's degree in human services. Social workers utilize many of the skills taught in that field, with most entry-level positions requiring a degree in social work, psychology or related studies, such as human services, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.[i] A related position is social and community service manager, which involves the coordination and supervision of service programs and social workers. It may also be possible to take on medical aide and assistant jobs.

Another position worth considering is that of a probation officer or correctional treatment specialist. They often help to provide rehabilitation plans for criminal offenders, as well as help monitor them, test them for drugs and offer counseling, according to the BLS.[ii] In addition to working with offenders, they may also coordinate with family members or other professionals.

Potential salaries for human services jobs
The jobs involved with human services vary in annual median wage and job outlook. The BLS provides data for both of these statistics.

  • Social workers: $44,200[iii] (19 percent expected job growth projected through 2022)[iii]
  • Social and community service managers: $59,970[iv] (21 percent expected job growth 2022)[iv]

Skills required in human resources
Human services involves plenty of engaging interpersonal interaction. While this can make the work rewarding, it also can make it extremely challenging. Empathy, patience and excellent problem-solving skills are just some of the attributes that a good social worker may need to have. Social workers must also be able to organize not only their own time and paperwork but often that of their clients'. If you choose to delve into a more specialized study of human services, such as hospice care or geriatric care, you may need to be familiar with the medical demands of that kind of work.

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