8 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Marketing & Advertising

Potential Career Paths With a PhD in Marketing & Communications Online

A PhD in marketing & communications online is the highest level of education possible to attain in the country. Graduates from a doctorate program are considered to have reached the level of expert in their field, and are recognized by their peers and co-workers as a reliable source of expertise.... An ability to build interdisciplinary connections across barriers and apply effective strategic responses are critical in managing information and communication resources for your organization.

Business communication professionals at the doctorate level may become qualified to work in elite positions. Enter the world of academia to teach as a university professor, and complete research in a university, private industry, or government laboratories. Positions in the private sector could be at the elevated level of management such as CEO. Communications are a vital part of most enterprises, including customer service, information management, media relations, public relations, and sales.

Completing a PhD in marketing & communications online might allow you to focus intensively on areas in business applications. Specific programs and jobs could concentrate on cross-cultural expertise and foreign languages, or specialized media relations in journalism. This high-level of education could translate to positions like press secretary and work in government agencies for the local, state, or federal government.

Earning an online doctoral degree in business communications could prepare you to conduct original research in communications. Sometimes also called a PhD or doctor of philosophy in business communications, most programs for this degree will typically require participation in unique research projects. A PhD might begin with online classes in core and advanced subjects reflective of your choice of concentration. Some examples might be Management of Information Theories, Communication and Media History, and Organizational Leadership.

Understanding current research findings in communications is an important part of study at the doctoral-level. Whether you go on to carry out further research in your career, or move into areas like policy work or executive management, comprehending statistical variables, research methodologies, and emerging information in your discipline will be critical for a successful career. Organizational success is centrally dependent on communication, and as a leader you may be able to have a significant impact on quality communication within your organization.

Choosing an online program for your doctorate in business communications may give you a greater range of choices for your choice of concentration. Professionals appreciate the flexible schedule of distance learning that allows them to adapt their schoolwork to fit into their work and personal lives.


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