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45 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in General Education

Benefits of a Masters in Teaching Online

If you want to be a part of the growing field of education, or are interested in adding to your credentials as an education professional, a masters in teaching online may be for you. There may be opportunities in a variety of specialties, including administration, and job growth... is projected to be up to 20% for education jobs that require a master’s degree.[i,ii]

What Can You Do with a Masters in Teaching Online?

A masters in teaching may open the door to administrative work in private and public education. Some states also require teachers to get a master’s degree after completing their certification.

What Could You Earn?

  • • School principal: $86,970[iii]
  • • Instructional coordinator: $58,830[iv]
  • • Superintendent: $90,800[v]
  • • Athletic director: $87,760[v]i
  • • College administrator: $91,440[vii]

What Will You Study?

Depending on what you specialize in, subjects you may study as you pursue an online masters degree in education may include administration and supervision, school law, school finance, teaching special needs students, organization leadership and management, child and adolescent development, education history, teaching high-ability students, and education philosophy.

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