30 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Health Informatics

Benefits of a Masters in Health Informatics Online

With significant investments being made in electronic medical records and electronic systems, master-level studies in medical informatics may help provide you with the knowledge you need to be a leader in this field. You could graduate with a masters in health informatics online with highly tuned technical expertise, in-depth understanding... of clinical processes, and training in administrative practices. This combination may prepare you to pursue an array of career options.

A masters in health informatics online could offer interdisciplinary studies that blend computer science and clinical techniques to help prepare you for technical jobs such as Application Designer and Developer, Medical or Nursing Information Officer, Technology Officer (for a private corporation), System Analyst, IT Services Change Manager, Independent Consultant, Quality Improvement Specialist, or Entrepreneur.

Depending on the school you attend, you may be able to direct your online graduate studies in medical informatics to a specific subfield, such as clinical, consumer, or public health. If you are entering the program with a degree and experience in another health field (nursing, health services, health administration, etc.), you might be able to tailor your graduate studies to remain focused on your area of expertise.

However, regardless of your specialty area, you will likely need to complete some core courses. To ensure that all students have a strong foundation in computer science and healthcare, schools may require courses in topics such as Introduction to Medical Informatics; Health Information Systems; Healthcare Enterprise Operations; Health Information Technology Integration; Interoperability and Standards; Decision Support Systems and Healthcare; Legal, Ethical and Social issues; and Biostatistics in Medical Informatics.

Courses in principles of leadership and interpersonal communication may also be required. These could prepare you to assume an executive-level position in the field and to use your advanced education to create positive changes in the industry.

Upon graduation, you could step into a position at the forefront of the health information technology revolution. Your unique training may prepare you to take an important position at your choice of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities; information technology companies; public health agencies; technology and healthcare consulting companies; or research organizations, including those affiliated with universities or pharmaceutical companies.

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