What is an Online Music Production Bachelors Degree?

The bachelor-level study of music generally appeals to students who are naturally drawn to the world of music, the various practices of music, and music's impact on the world. It typically takes four years of full-time study to obtain an online music production bachelors degree.... perspectives; do you see yourself fitting into one of these scenarios? You're a musician or a singer. You want to perform on stage, or conduct. You want to teach music and expose your students to music of all types, and help bring out students' natural musical talents, providing opportunities for them to perform in front of an audience. You want to work for a record company in A&R, marketing, TV and video placement, or publicity — or become the CEO or president of that record company. You want to study the business of music and become a manager, booking agent, music lawyer, or publicist. You want to work in a recording studio — the technical studio environment. You'll probably start as an intern, work your way up to perhaps, assistant engineer, then recording engineer — someone who knows the equipment and makes technical decisions in collaboration with the producer. The producer is the main interface between the artist and the record company. The producer is the team leader who has an outsider's perspective and can listen to the music with fresh ears and offer guidance.

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