Why Pursue an Online Bachelor's Degree in Nursing?

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Have you been considering taking a leap and pursuing a professional path in the medical field? Are you looking to venture onto a career track that is satisfying and may seem relatively promising in terms of potential growth? If that's the case, then you should think about earning an online bachelor's degree in nursing, which could serve as your first step in launching a potentially successful and worthwhile career.

Although there may be some positions in the healthcare profession - such as nursing assistants and paramedics - that wouldn't require you to earn a bachelor's degree, a potential way to enhance your career in this field is to lay a solid academic foundation. By taking intensive coursework and earning a degree in nursing, you could gain invaluable information in a variety of disciplines - ranging from anatomy and physiology to chemistry - which could help you pursue a career and be prepared to potentially excel in this line of work.

A range of potential employment opportunities in nursing
The world of healthcare is expanding rapidly, as baby boomers are starting to approach their later years, causing the demand for such healthcare professions as nurse[i] and physician[ii] to increase. To meet this rise in demand, they will likely need staff support, and you could encounter more job opportunities opening up in this area than in other sectors.

Many healthcare institutions and service providers depend on nurses, making the professional possibilities in this field appear unending. After earning an online bachelor's degree in nursing - on top of obtaining your registered nurse certification - you may be able to pursue a career at hospitals, doctors' offices, home medical care providers or living facilities.

You could look forward to leveraging the potentially extensive knowledge you acquired from your bachelor's degree so you're able to provide patients with optimal care. You could be responsible for similar tasks when it comes to assessing people's conditions, developing a care plan, administering medications and tracking their progress to a certain extent.

Possible salaries in nursing
There are numerous factors impacting the compensation you could earn after earning your online bachelor's degree in nursing. Depending on the institution or organization for which you would work, the hours you put in, the exact tasks for which you're responsible, and your location, you could anticipate earning potentially different salaries. Have a glance at these possible positions and the 2012 median incomes compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Hospital nurse: Median annual salary of $67,210 (19 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]
Home health care nurse: Median annual salary of $62,090 (19 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]
Physician's office nurse: Median annual salary of $58,420 (19 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

Additional skills for careers in nursing
Even though an online bachelor's degree in nursing is essential if you're hoping to pursue this demanding profession, you may need supplementary skills to better enhance your career. Due to the often hectic nature of nursing, it may be beneficial if you were able to multitask and boast quick decision-making capacities. It may also be helpful if you had  a good bedside manner and a warm demeanor. Lastly, it may be important be focused and diligent so that none of the disconcerting challenges you encounter will leave you shaken.

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