70 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Nursing

Are Online Nursing PhD Programs Right for You?

As approaches to patient care evolve and medical treatments become more complex, there is growing demand for nurses who have the highest level of scientific understanding and practical expertise. In this environment, employers are increasingly looking for candidates with a doctorate or PhD to fill higher level nursing positions.

Online nursing... PhD programs will help you become a leader in the industry. Graduates often go on to careers as healthcare providers, policy makers, facility administrators, researchers, or consultants. Doctoral-level study focuses on training you to evaluate and use research-based information strategically to raise the level patient care and improve outcomes. As a doctoral student who studies online, you will focus on continuing to build knowledge related to your area of specialty. You will also be trained in the philosophical, ethical, and scientific principles of nursing care. In addition to coursework, your doctoral program can require a year of clinical residency.

Specific courses and where you complete your clinical experience will be determined by your area of expertise. You should be prepared, though, to take advanced medical courses and core classes that cover the theory of medicine and nursing. Since most doctoral students need to balance their degree work with professional responsibilities, online courses provide the flexibility you need.In addition to the DNP degree, some schools offer online nursing PhD programs. Ph.D. programs are more focused on preparing nurses for research or a career in academia. In a program such as this, you will learn to conduct clinical research and will develop and test various models of patient care. You will also study social, political, legal, and economic issues related to nursing and healthcare.

The shortage of both primary care physicians and RNs throughout the country has helped to spur interest in doctoral programs in nursing. Healthcare facilities, private nursing services, and health-related corporations need leaders who have deep knowledge of healthcare and medicine. Nurses who have a doctoral degree are prepared to take on executive roles in which they can plan, assess, and administer health treatments. This level of training will also teach you to manage the rapid technological changes occurring in the field and the complexities of modern healthcare.

As with all areas of nursing, careers available to those with high-level training are growing. However, demand will vary by area of specialty and geographic region. Being open to relocating or working with traditionally underserved populations can allow you the option of choosing from a wider array of career options.

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