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Earning an Online Masters in Nursing

Are you hoping to find work that is meaningful? Do you like to help other people and have a keen interest in health? If you're looking for an intensive but highly rewarding profession, the nursing field may be the way to go.

Nursing is a promising track that may allow you... to care for others, while still presenting you with enough challenges that you can be continuously engaged in your work. While you may have the passion to get far in this field, any job on this path will likely require you to have extensive medical knowledge and insight into a number of health-related faculties. For this reason, earning an online masters in nursing may serve as a stepping stone to open up an array of unemployment opportunities.

A range of employment opportunities in nursing
One of the benefits of obtaining your nursing masters degree is that this field is full of all kinds of jobs that you could pursue one day fill. Hospitals across the country rely on nurses to keep their operations running smoothly and ensure their patients receive quality treatment.

That being said, hospitals aren't the only potential employers that you could encounter on this track. There are various organizations, such as the Visiting Nurses Associations of America and Hospice, that also need a team of qualified nurses so they can provide their services. Not to mention, doctors' offices, nursing homes and other health care facilities throughout the country have to maintain a full staff of educated and trained nurses. As a result, you may be able to pursue positions at a wide range of establishments and assisting physicians who are dealing with different specialties - from pediatrics to oncology.

Possible salaries in nursing
After you complete your online masters in nursing, the income you could end up earning varies, depending on the specific job you manage to secure. There are multiple factors that determine your potential salary, including where you work, the hours you put in and the level of training you decide to add on to your master's degree. Here are some examples of possible occupations that could be yours, as well as their estimated salaries compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Registered nurse: Median annual salary of $65,470 (19 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Nurse practitioner: Median annual salary of $89,960 (34 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Nurse midwife: Median annual salary of $89,600 (29 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

Additional skills for careers in nursing
Although obtaining your online master's degree in nursing may be crucial to transition into this field, there are other skills and additional experience that would be beneficial to you on this track. As you start off in this profession, it would help you to have strong interpersonal skills that make it easier for you to be warm and amiable to patients. Also, you need to stay cool under pressure so you can handle emergencies well, and keeping a positive attitude is key. 

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