7 Online Degree Programs Available in Pharmacology

How Could You Benefit from an Online Pharmacology Degree?

Everyone knows someone who takes painkillers for arthritis, antidepressants for mood management or antibiotics for a bad bout with illness. This modern prevalence of prescription drugs in our lives points to a rising trend: Pharmaceutical careers. The health of patients hinges on how carefully a pharmacist weighs their medication, in... the correct amounts and combinations, and how well patients understand how to take them. Thus pharmacy workers are not simply dispensers—they are the gatekeepers of powerful drugs that can save lives if properly used. To enter this career field, you may want to pursue an online pharmacology degree.

Pharmacists work mostly in retail pharmacies and hospitals, where they distribute medications to individuals based on doctors' prescriptions. They keep confidential records of each patient in order to prevent dangerous combinations of prescription drugs and to help track patients' progress and adherence to a treatment plan. In the United States, practicing pharmacists must possess a Pharm.D. degree, which is awarded after at least two years of specific professional study of pharmacology and pharmacy practices.

Although there is no corresponding requirement to become a Pharmacy Technician or a Pharmacy Aide, the sensitive material involved is why most employers prefer to hire individuals with formal training. Pharmacy technicians support pharmacists by measuring and labeling medication and communicating directly with customers during drop-off and pick-up. They may be responsible for updating records and filling out insurance forms. An online pharmacology degree will prepare students with a two-pronged approach: The technical aspect of dispensing drugs, and the softer side of guiding patients on their journey towards optimal health.

Salaries in this field are relatively high, with the drawback being that pharmacy professionals generally work nights, weekends, and holidays.


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