14 Online Degree Programs Available in Political Science

Online Political Science Degree Programs

Have You Considered an Online Political Science Degree?

Political science is the social science that attempts to describe the underlying systems, behaviors, and relationships that result in specific political events and conditions. As a field of study, it emphasizes the use of empirical methods—such as the scientific method, data analysis, and comparative studies—to describe human behavior in relation... to politics. Individuals who study political science often go into careers as public servants, academics, lawyers, or politicians in their own right.

Two- and four-year political science degrees help prepare students for these careers by teaching them the critical analysis and communications skills they need to understand political events in their greater socio-cultural context. They will study the history of politics as well as related fields such as sociology, political philosophy, psychology and history. A student who is able to understand why the Roman Empire fell over a period of 320 years will be able to recognize patterns that endanger today's political, economic, and military institutions, and suggest strategic solutions. This specialized perspective is highly valued in government offices, academia, and organizations that rely on specific policies to advance their goals.

For individuals who are passionate about politics but who may already have full-time jobs or other day-to-day obligations, an online political science degree could be ideal. These programs are designed to fit any schedule in order to accommodate students who already have active lives, whether they are looking to advance in their current career or start a new one.

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