Online Doctorate Degrees in Political Science

For students who hope to make original and valuable contributions to the field of political science, earning a doctorate degree may be an important leg of the journey. A doctoral program in political science is typically a challenging course of study designed for students who wish to take a more ambitious approach to the study of state, government, and legislation. Most candidates enter a doctoral program with specific goals in mind and may graduate better prepared to make strides in this vital and ever-changing field.

Beyond the basic study of political institutions and behavior, doctoral level work in political science often emphasizes political theory as can be applied not only to politics but also to alternative situations and career areas. Students may pursue cross-curricular studies and concentrations that allow them to relate political science to other areas of study. Independent research is often a highly-emphasized goal of the doctoral candidate, particularly students with ambitions in the field of academia. Often, a doctoral candidate will have a large role in deciding his or her own research interests and individualized pursuits, though certain topical courses may be required.

As a doctorate degree holder in political science, both academic and non-academic employment markets may be open to you. Many doctoral candidates pursue advanced studies with the intent to pursue career goals in academia, which entails teaching at the university level, working in research, or varying amounts of both. Competitive positions with top universities nearly always require education at the doctoral level. Many doctorate degree holders, however, pursue opportunities in non-academic sectors. Public administration, international business, and political analysis are just some of the areas of opportunity where a doctorate may be preferred or required for upper-level career tracks. Some employers of political science degree holders may include government agencies, large corporations, and even nonprofit groups.

If you have a background in political science already, you likely know that a professional role in this field may be exhilarating, demanding, and different every day. A doctoral degree may help you to increase your preparedness and diversify your opportunities within this career area. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of political science in order to take your current professional interests in a new direction, a doctoral degree may help you to take a proactive role in your career enhancement.

Many doctoral candidates opt to earn their political science degrees in an innovative way: online. Online learning is often particularly well-suited to work at the doctoral level, which tends to be highly self-directed and independent in nature. If you opt to earn your degree online in order to avoid conflict with your employment and other responsibilities, you may find that the convenience of studying from home makes your educational goals more readily attainable.

Is a doctorate in political science right for you? The answer depends on your personal goals and the impact you hope to have in your profession. Whatever your reasons for being drawn to political science, a doctorate degree may allow you to enhance your contributions to this exciting and ever-relevant field.