16 Online Degree Programs Available in Software & Application Development

Discover Possible Career Paths In Software Development

Combine creativity and tech in a career in software engineering. As a software engineer, you may be a part of researching, designing and developing software for applications and businesses. To pursue this career, you'll need an online software... development degree.

Software Developer Job Growth

The demand for software engineers is expected to remain high, to meet the needs of health care and cybersecurityI. Job growth for software developers is expected to be around 30% from 2010-2020II.

Potential Salaries:

  • •Median salary for Software Developers:$90,530III
  • •Median salary for Software Developers with a specialization in System Software:$94,180IV
  • •Median salary for Software Developers with a specialization in Applications: $87,790V

What You May Need

Qualifications may vary depending on the specific position.  For example, successful software developers may have skills including computer/technical, customer service, problem-solving, and ability to focus on detailsVI. A degree in computer science to become a software engineer may include courses on building software, programming and writing computer code.




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