A PhD or Doctoral Degree, is the highest possible college degree attainable in the country. Join the tiny percentage of the population who rise through the scholarly ranks to such a lofty achievement by earning an online doctoral degree in computer programming. You will set yourself apart as an expert in your field, and be recognized by your peers as a Doctor of Philosophy in Programming.

Online colleges offer many different concentrations in computer programming at the doctoral-level of study. Whatever track you take you will be given the full support of qualified online instructors who are experienced in the information technology field. Choosing distance education will give you the primary benefit of convenience while working toward your degree. You will be able to flex your schedule to balance all the areas of your life; work, family, and school. Take your homework with you wherever your laptop can go.

Doctoral programs can take anywhere from two to around six years to complete, depending on whether the program accepts students who have already earned a bachelor degree, or require a master degree for entrance. Duration of the PhD degree program is dictated more by the pace that the student sets than any other level of degree. Many doctorates have an expectation of independent research and a thesis paper as the final culmination of the program.

Research topics or advanced courses for an online doctorate degree in programming could be inclusive of subjects like Advanced Programming Languages, Database Systems and Computer Networks, Computer Architecture and Analysis of Algorithms. Your training as an IT professional will give you excellent job prospects in a field that is expected to grow much faster than other occupations.

Earning a PhD in Programming will put you at the top of your field and open doors to a whole host of career possibilities. You could qualify for positions with titles like Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, and Computer Scientist. Whatever your emphasis in computer programming, you could advance into project leadership or administration. Some graduates of PhD programs work in private industry or move into academic positions.

Online colleges and universities that are regionally accredited offer access to computer programming doctoral degrees. However, there are many traditional postsecondary institutions that are also expanding out of the brick-and-mortar classroom to the virtual classroom. Where you live no longer has to stop you from accomplishing your academic and career dreams.